Welcome to Cyprus ERP’s website! We are dedicated to helping businesses successfully implement and customize Cyprus ERP/CRM applications. Our comprehensive process ensures a smooth and tailored transition to optimize your company’s operations. Explore the various stages of our implementation journey below:


During the initial contact, we gather information about your company and the reasons behind your search for an ERP system. By understanding your needs, we determine if Cyprus ERP is a potential solution. This phase allows you to decide whether you’d like to explore the possibilities further

Basic Demonstration

If Cyprus ERP shows potential, we provide a short demonstration of the basic system. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the software and identify specific questions regarding its functionality.

Proof-of-Concept Demonstration

For complex needs that can’t be easily met with the basic application, we offer a risk-reduction stage called the proof-of-concept demonstration. Under contract, we rapidly prototype and customize features specific to your company’s requirements. This unique demonstration builds confidence and helps you decide whether to proceed with implementation.


Working closely with you, we generate a non-binding proposal outlining the scope of work and steps involved in the implementation process. This proposal establishes the areas of responsibility for both companies and identifies risk-reduction stages agreed upon for continued implementation.

Planning Readiness Review

This risk-reduction step involves reviewing the proposal and planning contract for the next stage. At this point, you’ll have a good understanding of the implementation’s impacts and benefits. Following the review, you can decide whether to proceed to the next stage.

Planning Contract

The Planning Contract focuses on detailed implementation planning. It includes exploratory investigations, mapping out current and desired processes, and conducting a Gap Analysis. We build a team of experts to deliver necessary customizations, provide training, and engage your key staff in change management activities. Cost-benefit analysis and implementation plans are developed during this stage.

Implementation Readiness Review

A critical review of implementation plans and preparations is conducted to ensure readiness for the main implementation work

Implementation Contract

The Implementation Contract kicks off the main work of implementation. Our team, in collaboration with your staff, creates development and test platforms, converts and imports data, configures the system, and begins software development cycles for custom elements. Change management activities, continue preparing your organization for the new system

Change Management

With a change team in place, change management activities focus on building support and reducing resistance to the new system. Communication efforts inform and educate staff about the progress, benefits, and impact on individual jobs.

End-User Testing

The system undergoes rigorous testing of end-to-end processes and workflows used in daily operations.

Management and Administrative Testing

Management reports and back-office/administrative tasks are thoroughly tested to ensure accuracy and efficacy.

Final Synchronization of Data

Data in the system is updated to a specific date, ensuring a seamless transition to full operations

Go-Live Readiness Review

This review ensures everyone is comfortable with the system’s state before proceeding with the go-live process. Outstanding issues are reviewed, go-live plans are adjusted, and the authority for the system decides to proceed.

Go Live

The go-live process marks the switch to the new system, and active assistance and support are provided to address any issues and provide additional training during the initial period.

Follow-Up and Lessons Learned

After six months or more of system usage, we hold a follow-up session to review the implementation process and identify areas for continuous improvement. Lessons learned are applied to strengthen effective processes and adjust others for improved outcomes.

Long-Term Support

Cyprus ERP offers long-term support to assist.